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Local IT Services, Local Tech Support

Local IT Service Provider
(Wi-Fi / Broadband / Computer Upgrades & Maintenance / General IT Support)

We Provide Security & IT Services for Home / Small Businesses

Servicing the City of Casey & close by localities
& Other areas by arrangement

Affinity Vision Australia Pty Ltd Secure My Wireless ADSL2 Choice -- Broadband Enquiry Our Sipsorcery SIP number

NB: The 1300 number is no more, ditto for the Sipsorcery address.
Also, the ADSL2 ( domain is no more, obviously we support NBN these days.

Click Here for Information on Consulting Services

Contact us and we'll be sure to advise on which products / services are actually availalble for your location....

Please check out your ADSL and other options with us.

We offer a range of ISP products and related equipment to suit your needs.


VoIP services are available
(may save considerable telephony costs on suitable broadband services)

FreeCall, Mytel and Faktortel [independantly of ISPs]...

See for further details.

Domain Name Registration & Support Services

Goods & Service Payment Options

About Us / Contact Us

For those with security concerns with email, you may send the information via fax or snail mail

Fax. 03 9012 2178 (alternate fax on 03 8790 1224)

Postal Address: "PO Box 5093 Hallam VIC 3803"
Old Postal Address: "PO Box 2299 Fountain Gate VIC 3805"

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